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Reduce Stress with

The Psychology of StressWorkshop

(Fully Accredited Program)


 Date: TBA

Time: 9 am to 3 pm

Location: TBA







It is without a doubt that our workplace has become a toxic environment.


The shocking truth is that numbers released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that

Australians are stressing more than ever.

The workplace has become a cornerstone of anxiety, burnout, and stress, and it is consuming the wellbeing of all workers.

Current figures demonstrate that 75% of Australians who were surveyed, admitted that stress in their lives adversely affected their physical health, while 64% said it affected their mental health.

In this workshop, You will learn.

  • How stress can impact our daily life routine, the work environment, and home.

  • The differences between stresses and how to manage healthy stress for optimum wellness.

  • The benefits of natural remedies for helping you build resilience to stress as well as team congruency at work.

  • Research-based strategies for cultivating mindfulness within yourself and your workplace.

Click on the PDF icon to download the brochure for the workshop.

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